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Why France is a country of artisans and creative people

Many people from all over the world dream to visit France. There is an opinion in the world that France, and particularly Paris, the city of love and the whole country is imbued with this feeling. And lovers from all over the world come to France to consolidate their feelings and to visit this atmosphere.

France is a country with a beautiful warm climate and it is a pleasure to travel there.

French resort of Saint-Tropez is the most famous in the world.

If we look at resorts, it is difficult to single out something, because France is a continuous pleasant resort to the eye. We do not take into account cereal places, which in fact in recent years with the move of guests to the country has become much more. It is hard of course not to pay attention to it, but we will try.

South of the country is a place where you can enjoy all the charm of resorts and luxury vacations.

Nice and the Cote d'Azur, world famous Cannes, Saint-Tropez with its yachts and luxury hotels, Menton, Monaco. Holidaying in such resorts, so quickly fall out of reality and live with pink glasses, imagining that the whole world and life is just like in these resorts that you just do not want to leave them.

But besides this chic and stylish France, there is another. This France, with its history and its traditions, which are honored and tried to preserve.

Craftsmanship in France is known from ancient times. Made, created, wrote, invented.

To this day, almost all types of handicrafts have been preserved, and as many years ago. Craftsmen today make in their small workshops still the same earthenware, wood and iron products. All this is done by the hands of craftsmen and represents works of art rather than things of everyday use. Such products decorate and decorate houses and plots, sell as souvenirs and are exhibited at European exhibitions.

Crafts in France rightly occupy an important place in the country. There are a lot of workshops, where everyone can try himself as a craftsman and even learn the craft at a great desire.

In general, France has given the world many famous creative people such as Claude Monet (artist), Jules Verne (writer), Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel (fashion designers and designers) and Louis de Funes (actor).

And all these people and many others have contributed to the creativity and crafts of France. Thanks to these people France is considered not only the country of stylish resorts, but also a country with its rich creative world and the world of crafts.

And strolling leisurely through Paris, you will definitely come across handmade souvenirs made by craftsmen. Buy this souvenir, it will remind you not only your wonderful holiday, but also that the craft and creativity is very popular in this beautiful country.

Everyone have a good mood and a great vacation, in all its forms!

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