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What is the benefit of amber jewelry

Jewelry can be considered an accessory to give a more attractive appearance to the person. Jewelry has been used by people since time immemorial.

Neanderthals decorated themselves with trophies mined on hunting. This emphasizes their masculinity and strength. Women tried somehow to smear their faces with clay, than surprised and amused their miner after hunting. So the jewelry and taste for everything beautiful were born. Today, of course, the jewelry has changed, and tastes to beauty have changed. But the desire to make yourself more attractive with jewelry, like a thousand years ago, has not changed at all. It is believed that if an ornament made of precious metals inlaid with diamonds, it is a good taste. Yes, and this is difficult to argue with.

Ring with amber. Handmade by a master from Lithuania.

Masters try to come up with non-standard jewelry, so that they differ in their originality and most importantly, that they were very beautiful. Many famous world manufacturers of jewelry fight for the leadership. They try to introduce all kinds of gems by mixing colors and shapes. This is a difficult work that does not require fuss. A jeweler can work hours with a stone to make it look beautiful on a ring. This requires craftsmanship and years of practice. This is why the profession is considered very popular.

One of the gemstones is amber. In fact, amber is a hardened resin of wood that has turned into a beautiful color stone. In most cases, the color of amber can be called cognac or yellow. This color is characteristic of Baltic amber, which is mined in Russia, the Baltic States, Poland and Germany. There is also amber in the Dominican Republic. It has different shades and is considered rare. As it is mined in small quantities. In the Dominican amber, there are blue shades, which is what makes it valuable.

Unprocessed Dominican blue amber

Masters have been working with amber for many years and make wonderful jewelry.

Besides the fact that amber jewelry is considered very beautiful and expensive. Amber still has healing properties. So, for example, if a child wears an amber chain or beads around his neck, amber helps to improve breathing. For elderly people, amber is useful for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

So, in addition to the beauty of amber, it has useful properties, which is not less important. That is why, if you use amber in your jewelry, you have good taste. Because you understand the meaning of beautiful and useful jewelry.

Have a great mood and good!

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