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What happens to our world

Our world today has been turned upside down. Not imaginable things are happening, and not only in Russia, but around the world.

This has become apparent recently. Everything is changing.

All old rules do not work and are out of date. Technology is replacing people with robots. And people change their sexes and turn into an incomprehensible creature without sex. About same-sex love is not interesting to talk about. This, even in our country, will not surprise anyone. The ostentatious appearance of the problem at the level of the Constitution of the Russian Federation causes even more smiles and laughter. And the world is really changing. It is changing in the direction that is not understandable for many people who are used to living by simple and understandable life rules.

Family is the best a person has

Family - man and woman and children. Male earner, female keeper of the hearth. Everything is simple and clear. With the advent of the Internet, changes began to occur in our lives.

The flow of information fell on people. Not everyone can correctly perceive and filter the information received. Many perceive everything at face value and believe everything that they see and read. Information today is flowing, from which a normal person has cereal in his head.

A lot of unnecessary information just litter our brain

Because of the coronavirus, older people remembered the time when there were no shopping centers and bars within walking distance. And the youth discovered for themselves, this strange feeling of emptiness and confinement. There was simply nowhere to drink a cup of coffee in a cafe, calmly climb on the Internet opportunities.

We are all dependent on the Internet. This must be recognized.

And we all sat home on the same Internet, farther and farther away from each other. There was no boom of childbearing. And there was a chance.

Today's new world with its incomprehensible accelerated pace and change. What will it lead to? What will happen next? Only time will tell. And God forbid that the world has changed for the better, and not what is happening here.

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We wish you all a summer mood, good health and good!

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