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What can you get out of simple wood if a person has imagination and imagination

There are many people in the world who are fond of all kinds of hobbies. Some people like to collect, some like to embroider with a cross, and others like to make amazing and beautiful things out of ordinary things that surround us.

This happened to a Frenchman named Antoine, who since childhood was interested in needlework and craft. His father was a famous woodworker in the district of Lyon. He did everything with his own hands, from a spoon to his son to the amazing furniture from the Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte era. Thus, watching his father and even helping him, Antoine became addicted to working with wood.

The author's interior lamp is handmade by a French master.

But the boy was not interested in the process of making any chair or closet, but in the desire to do something like that, not like everything that his father makes. It was a strange feeling, a desire to do something that you don't know in your head yet, but you know exactly what you will do. Antoine tells about this feeling with a certain tremor, children's memories are the brightest. Only a few years later, when Antoine grew up, he understood his childhood feelings.

His life led him to interior design, and he became famous and popular master in France. Many celebrities turn to him for help. Thanks to the fact that in Antoine developed a sense of taste for beauty and the ability to see the big picture, he was able to succeed in this direction. The ability to combine seemingly incompatible styles in a single project gave its results and popularity.

Author's handmade lamp by French master

But Antoine does not forget about his favorite hobby, working with wood. He creates beautiful lighting fixtures in the style of wildlife. The material for his work can be said to be lying under his feet. A place to enjoy on the azure coast of France, Antoine gathers snags and sticks, which have already been processed by nature itself. Sun, sand and water. Finding an unusual snag, Antoine already in his head imagines what will happen at the end when his lamp is ready. Having drawn a picture in his head, the master has little to do, just to make it. The time spent is more than paid off, because during the work Antoine received positive emotions from the production. Sometimes the master fits his lamps into his interiors, which emphasizes the connection with nature. Antoine has a whole collection of his author's lamps. Sometimes the master presents the collection to the audience and connoisseurs of his work.

Author's handmade lamp by French master

We also present you several works of the master for your discussion.

The main idea and position of Antoine is to reconnect with nature. Neither to destroy, nor to destroy, but at least to save what is left. To live in harmony with yourself and with nature.

Have a good mood and goodness to everyone!

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