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What can replace the world's most famous jacket

The world-famous military jacket called Alaska is known even to children around the world.

This jacket was able to conquer the whole world due to its quality and reliability. Let us remember a little bit of history and once again remind everyone how and when this jacket appeared.

The U.S. military in the late forties thought about quality clothing for their soldiers in conditions of low temperatures.

During World War II, the findings of reindeer herders and residents of cold regions were used.

The jacket was based on the clothes of reindeer herders and people living in the north of the country.

After the war, in the 50's, combining everything that had been accumulated in recent years, appears a military jacket for the U.S. Air Force, which could keep warm in extreme cold to - 45 degrees.

It was the N3B, the name given to this military jacket, which had an elongated hood and quality materials, a brightly colored lining to detect a man from the plane.

It became a mass-production item for the U.S. Army in the middle.

Alpha Industries was and still is the main manufacturer.

It wasn't until the mid-70's that the U.S. Army met its needs and reduced production of these N3B jackets.

In the meantime, Alpha Industries begins to change the jacket and enter the civilian market and begin sales.

The jacket that earned the world's attention.

The jacket is lightning fast becoming popular with urban people and sales have jumped at times. The popularity of the N3B jacket was so great that even all the famous people of America considered it a must have jacket.

In the early 80's this fashionable and warm jacket hits Russia, then the USSR.

It is brought by sailors from abroad, in stores "birch" mad lines for a jacket N3B. Basically only two colors, black and blue could be found in the USSR, although in America, Alpha Industries made many more colors.

This is when the first name "Alaska" appeared in the USSR. This is actually an amazing jacket, which like nothing else suited the cold climate of Russia.

They tried to get it by all means, because such a lightweight, waterproof jacket caused amazement in all passing people in fake fur coats or coats. All Soviet people had such clothes. Seeing a man in Alaska, one could immediately conclude that he was either a sailor or someone had brought him this jacket, just as they brought everything from capitalist countries and sold it illegally in the country through certain persons.

The fact that this jacket was difficult to get in the USSR, it was able to become as popular as in America. And for a long time to remain popular in all segments of the USSR, and then in Russia.

In Russia, the second wave of popularity of this jacket has come only in the 2000s. By this time, "Alaska" has done everything who could not be lazy. Many companies from different countries are trying to make money on this jacket, changing the style of materials, but sticking to the style.

Kurt's popularity which, took over the world.

Alpha Industries, thanks to its product, was able to bring to the fashion world a thing that will always be popular and the name of this thing is "Alaska".

Such popularity of the jacket, played a cruel joke with the company Alpha Industries.

It spawned a mass of clones and lawsuits with counterfeit and dishonest companies. But Alpha Industries has stood up to it and is developing very well, giving people a wonderful, warm and stylish jackets in the Military style.

Can what to replace this cool jacket? No! This is history! And the world brand!

But you can buy a jacket or as they call it parka, high quality and just as warm, in something insignificantly different, but no less stylish.

The choice is still yours! And you choose what to wear!

Good mood and good luck to all!

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