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What are the three most popular gourmet restaurants according to tourists from all over the world?

Slowly tourism and travel are starting to come to life. Countries are increasingly beginning to open their borders and invite tourists to their place. Of course, the tourists from all over the world, yearning for travel and recreation at the resorts, began to resume their trips, while in the permitted countries of the world. Let's hope that everything will be restored soon and we will be able to travel and relax wherever we want without hindrance.

But when traveling to other countries, we certainly pay great attention to national cuisine. It is very interesting to know the cuisines of other countries and what other people on the planet prefer.

And today we want to present you 3 of the most popular restaurants in the world according to the assessment of tourists who have visited them from different countries.


Great view of the evening city. Chila Restaurant

A full third place was taken by a restaurant called "Chila" and it is located in Argentina. In the city of Buenos Aires and is located next to the Darsena River. The beautiful view from this restaurant arouses the interest of any tourist and there is a desire to pass by, look in and have a cup of coffee, enjoy the beautiful view. But on one view from the restaurant, of course, it doesn't end there. The cuisine is exactly what interests tourists and restaurant guests.

The cuisine of this restaurant is rightfully considered the best in Argentina and the world.

The work of the chef of the restaurant Chila, Pedro Bargero

The second place is taken by a French restaurant called La Ville Blanche. This restaurant is located in the town of Rospez.

In 2020, this restaurant is awarded a Michelin star, which in itself gives status to this wonderful place. The restaurant offers French and European cuisine.

La Ville Blanche French Restaurant

Amazing food and great service, a large selection of wine list, these are all small things compared to the skill of the chef of this restaurant. Cooking for a chef is like an art.

French charm is in this wonderful place. It is here that you can feel the real France.

Well, the leader of haute cuisine, the Auberge Du Vieux Puits restaurant in Fontjoncouse. Deserved 3 Michelin stars, this is the undisputed leader in this list.

Here you can find French, European cuisines.

Auberge Du Vieux Puits France

The restaurant has been holding the world recognition and leadership for several years. Many people from different countries of the world dream of visiting this institution. So you will have to book a table long before the visit. If you are a gourmet and connoisseur of world cuisine, then this place will give you many pleasant sensations and, for sure, unknown tastes. All this can be experienced in this beautiful French restaurant, where world-class masters of their craft work.

We wish you all a good mood, appetite and great travel!

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