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Traveling in Russia. Kola Peninsula

What to do in this difficult time avid travelers and tourists, when almost all borders are closed and travel to other countries in the near future is not possible for all understandable reasons. There is very little choice left. Or, to sit at home and wait for everything to recover. Or, go on a trip to the mother of Russia. Discover the beautiful places in the country, which are so beautiful and amazing. And when winter comes, it is worth going to the North of the country. Kola Peninsula, this is a unique place. And if the situation is good, not many tourists could go there. And the most important thing is probably the weather. It does not please the people of this region and for them the sun, good weather is a joy. Yes, and this is without any exaggeration. Summer can pass with sunny and warm days, which can be counted on your fingers. So the northerners appreciate the sun at its true value. And the attitude to it is not at all the same as that of other Russian citizens.

Pride of the Kola Peninsula-Khibiny

Nature can be said to have offended this land with weather and greenery, but also gave something that is nowhere else in central Russia. And one of these wonders is the Polar Night and the Polar Day. In the Polar Night it is always dark and a constant desire to sleep all through the night. And Polar Day - the sun can shine around the clock. Compared with the White Nights in St. Petersburg, Polar Day is much more interesting and beautiful. Only because of these two unique opportunities is worth visiting the Kola Peninsula.

Today, this area of the North is actively promoted for tourists to visit. Winter holidays. Such as skiing and snowboarding. Walks on snowmobiles, excursions to Sami villages and deer pastures.

For fans of winter sports and healthy lifestyle, the Kola Peninsula in the winter season, just the best resort. Khibiny is the largest mountain massif on the Kola Peninsula. Geological age is about 350 million years. At the foot of the Khibiny are located cities Apatity and Kirovsk.

Northern Lights in the Polar Night above Kirovsk.

You can have a great time skiing and downhill skiing there. These resorts are known not only in Russia, but also abroad. Before came here tourists from Norway, Finland, Sweden and other countries. So, if you have not been in these parts and love the northern latitudes, Polar Night, Northern Lights, snow go skiing on the Kola Peninsula. It will be a great holiday, which you will remember for a long time. It can't be compared with any lying on the beach under the sunbed by the sea. This is a harsh northern holiday for real travelers.

Have a good mood and travel!

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