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To buy a hat of this Polish master has become very difficult. The reason, the great popularity

In the cold season a hat is an indispensable accessory for many people. A hat is warm and comfortable if it is cold outside.

Today, the history of all kinds of hats is so great that we can describe a very long time.

But today we want to tell the story of one man who dedicated his life to the business of making hats.

Today, this master's hats have become so popular that the master himself is beginning to think about mass production and is making grand plans for a hat king's empire.

Leather hat in the style of "aviator" handmade by the Polish master.

Let's start our story from the beginning.

Poland. 1926. Difficult times for the country. Left alone with four children after the death of her husband, Anna Starkovskaya begins to look for ways to feed her family and begins to sew hats and sell them in the market. This process takes the woman all her time. Since the weather in Poland can be different and cold weather is not a surprise, the sewn hats were in demand. Both rich wealthy Poles and ordinary people bought from Anna. Anna over time managed to establish herself as a master in sewing hats and she was approached for individual orders, which brought most of the profit. With this money, Anna could at least somehow feed her children.

Her eldest son Zengmut, when he grew up, began to help his mother and took over almost all the hard work, which made Anna's job easier. She was able to devote more time to designing hats and spend more time sewing without the distraction of selling. Segmunt, sold at the market and delivered sewn orders to wealthy customers. Slowly the business began to gain momentum.

But, already in 1938 the occupation of the German fascists came and he had to stop sewing and survive as much as possible the whole family.

Segmunt, went into the resistance and fought for the liberation of Poland from the Nazi invaders.

He returned home at the end of 1945 and immediately set about rebuilding the workshop. Segmunt's plans included restoring the family's production and sewing of hats.

Vintage motorcyclist's hat. Handmade by a Polish craftsman.

In a short time he finds a partner, and they start from scratch. At the same time expanded activities, fabric manufacturing.

Two years later, there were already 50 people working in the workshop. Business was growing, but the political situation in the country did not accept private business and for certain reasons Sögmunt's partner immigrated to France.

It was a difficult time for the workshop, practically shutting down the production of hats for several months. It seemed that this would be the end of the story of the master. But Sögmunt's life and character refused to accept it.

The master with a firm belief in the business, continued to sew and although it practically did not bring profit, Zygmunt was persistent.

He was able to set up business relations with France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. While it was impossible to trade his sewn hats openly in Poland, other countries bought his products eagerly. In many ways, of course, his longtime partner helped. Who was already well established in France.

Zygmunt had already given the workshop to his sons, Marek and Jerzy, at a mature age.

Together they were able to take the workshop to a higher level.

Today the atelier is still active in Poland. The brothers plan to expand to the level of mass production, because the demand for the unique hats of the company is so great around the world that the workshop of 30 people can not cope.

The Starkovsky brothers' hats are known all over the world. Even famous musicians and politicians from Italy and France place orders with them.

So the family workshop today is also located in Poland and its branches are open in France and Britain.

Masters delight people around the world with their work. And we offer to join people who appreciate the handmade and amazing style of hats.

Choose handmade hats

We wish you all a good mood and good luck!

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