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Three of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which I do not want to leave.

Пост обновлен 5 дек. 2020 г.

Summer is over, and time has come to sum up the tourist summer. Of course, in 2020 it is difficult to announce the tourist summer so loudly because of the coronavirus, which covered almost the whole world. But still there are places and resorts in the world that remain unique and beautiful. Such places and we will talk about. And these places are three unique beaches, which by right for a long time remain leaders in visiting tourists from around the world. They are distinguished by their location, beautiful views and cleanliness, and it is not insignificant thing when visiting any resort place and even more so when visiting the beach.

And we will start with the third place and the country of Cuba. Cuba is a beautiful country for recreation and travel. Beautiful sunny weather, local bars and cocktails, and of course amazing beaches.

Beautiful beach Playa Paraiso

And one of the best beaches can be considered Playa Paraiso beach in Largo del Sur.

If you are a connoisseur of a quiet and not crowded beach holiday with amazing views of the white sand, palm trees and the Caribbean Sea, this is the beach you just need. Reunion with nature and sea, silence and sunshine. It is surely the dream of every tourist to visit such a beach. Reunification with nature is possible at all one hundred percent, as a little bit far you can sunbathe in what your mother gave birth. This is for fans of nudism.

This beach can rightfully take an honorable third place in the list, as happy visitors from around the world more than 5 thousand who only shared their enthusiastic feelings.

The most beautiful beach of Grace Bay

The second place is occupied by Grace Bay beach on the Caribbean island of Providenciales.

It is an inexpressible nature, crystal clear water and sand like snow.

The beach is wide and the opportunity to spend a long time on it and not to leave it, thoughts sneak in constantly.

Well, the first leading place Brazilian beach Baia do Sancho. This beach, thanks to its amazing combination of mountains, waterfalls, beach lagoon and water, has been recognized many times as the world's heritage and best beach. In this place, nature was able to show all the beauty that stuns.

The miracle of nature and the indescribable beauty of Baia do Sancho beach

At least once in your life you should visit this beach and see everything with your own eyes, because it's even difficult to describe it with words. Beautiful, cleanest beach combined with turbulent vegetation, high rise. This beach has been preserved almost perfectly, only because the opportunity to get here is somewhat difficult. And so there are always not so many people. More than 10 thousand people have shared their positive reviews about this place on the Internet.

If you have the opportunity and desire to visit these amazing and most beautiful beaches of the world, you will surely remain in indescribable delight after visiting these places.

We wish everyone a great mood and amazing trips!

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