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This ceramic ware of the master is incredibly pleasing to the eye and there is a desire to buy it

Utensils, the most necessary, in everyday life of a person. If you just imagine that it would be if people had not invented the dishes. We would have had an interesting life. In my opinion, it is even impossible to imagine. It seems that people would be like animals. But thank God, man is not an animal and was able to invent for himself those things for food that we still use for food. Over the years, dishes have transformed and become better, more convenient and more elegant. At present, we do not even betray her meaning. Stores are littered with dishes of any taste. We go to the store and choose what we need. Only one question remains. Quality. This is an important issue.

Now, the technology for making dishes has reached the point that tableware sold in stores is at times different in quality from dishes made for another ten or twenty years. And that is understandable. Times have changed. The views are different. If in the twentieth century it was considered stylish to have a lot of porcelain sets at home. And the more dishes, the richer the family seemed. And so many chased high-quality expensive dishes, stored them in their kitchens, in cupboards. Sometimes for life, taking advantage of it a couple of times. Today, such a phobia has long been gone. And if the dishes are tired, they just change them to a more beautiful one.

But there is a dish that you want to store and use it constantly. She pleases the eye. It does not look like other purchased dishes in a store. And such dishes can only be handmade. Made to order from the master, who put his soul and his experience into it.

Today I want to talk and talk about the ceramic dishes of the Bulgarian master. From which it is impossible not to admire. His work, or rather, his ceramic dishes are imbued with the spirit of the Balkans and the quality of work at the level of works of art. All products, from beginning to end, are made by hand and this cannot be overlooked. Light and slightly uneven strokes of paint, not perfectly even dishes. All this gives the master’s work uniqueness and proof of handmade work. Such dishes, in fact, are pleasing to the eye and I want to get them for myself and enjoy its beauty and originality. In the collection of the master, all kinds of ceramic teapots. Dishes for wine. Large selection of beautiful mugs for tea or coffee.

You can look at handmade dishes in more detail.

Finishing, I want to advise. If suddenly you have a question about buying new dishes for yourself or as a gift. Pay attention to handmade utensils. It will be high-quality, unique and not like other dishes.

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All good summer mood, health and good!

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