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The most amazing Ecuador. Rest and souvenirs for memory

Our world is beautiful and amazing. So many places on our globe, where the weather is good, sea or ocean, beautiful recreation and nature. Probably, everyone dreams to see all these wonderful places with their own eyes.

And one such place in the world, is Ecuador, a country with beautiful nature vegetation and resorts.

Ecuador is considered the leader in the number of national parks. This is one of the most important attractions of Ecuador.

Holidays in this country are interesting to those people who are interested in exoticism and are ready to learn new things that are not in their country.

Exotic beaches and chic hotels overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Immediately, we must warn you that the pleasure of the budget will be above average, it should be added to the cost of recreation.

representative of the Ecuadorian fauna

From December to May there comes a period of rains in the coastal part of Ecuador and the air temperature can vary from +28 centigrade. And this time period can be considered the best for visiting tourists. Because then it becomes very hot and dry.

Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador and there you can also have a great time enjoying the ocean and sea walks.

In addition to recreation, Ecuador is also a country with its own traditions. One of the most popular is the handicrafts. The Ecuadorian craftsmen do almost everything that can be made by hand. So the tourists are popular Ecuadorian souvenirs made of ceramics, leather and wood.

Also popular all over the world are Ecuadorian shoes made with a soul of quality leather by Ecuadorian craftsmen.

It is worth paying attention to handmade carpets and woolen products. Locals will be glad to sell you at a quite reasonable price, if you can bargain.

The language spoken in Ecuador is Spanish, and English prevails.

You should visit Ecuador and see this exotic country with your own eyes at least once. Compare it with other countries and buy beautiful handmade products as a reminder of a great holiday in a beautiful and beautiful country.

We wish everyone a good mood and a great holiday in any manifestation of it!

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