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Replica Amazing ceramic replicas of real rural houses of a Lithuanian master

Пост обновлен 6 авг. 2020 г.

Every person, at least once in his life, tried to find a job that he liked and turned into a favorite and maybe even a hobby.

Many people around the world are doing all sorts of interesting things for the soul. For some, even this develops into the work of a lifetime. And such people can be safely called happy people. They were able to turn a hobby into the meaning of life. Doing what they love, people were able to build it so that the hobby began to generate income. Agree, doing what you love, for which you did not even think to receive money, began to bring income. Such people are happy and they do what they love with their hearts. Life develops in such a way that not many can do what they love. After all, not everyone will be able to bring a hobby to the level of business, and not everyone will succeed for a number of different reasons. And the one who did it, is busy with work and is happy, even if this business does not bring some kind of large millions of income.

Today I want to share with you the story of a person who was able to achieve great fame in the world of handicrafts, crafts and creativity, thanks to her favorite work, hard work, taste and probably a little luck.

Irena, that's the name of the master, since childhood, like all girls, she loved to play with dolls, introducing herself as a mother and mistress. Irena's parents bought all kinds of houses, dolls and pampered, like all parents probably did. Irena spent all the time with toys and dreamed of how she would manage her beautiful cozy house when she became an adult. At school, Irena was sent to a creative workshop. There Irena began to engage in modeling, she really liked it, and already in her school years she won prizes in creative and craft competitions. Having gone on vacation with her parents to Germany, Irena discovered clay products. In Germany, Irena liked ceramics so much that she wanted to try herself in this craft. Returning home to Lithuania, inspired by ceramics, she began to study pottery. She was trained and, having experience in sculpting, began to make clay products. Burning and painting. She did everything with her own hands in her small workshop. A few years later, Irena already exhibited her works at European competitions and fairs. Over time, Irena changed her style and stopped making kitchen utensils. She wanted to make clay copies of beautiful and famous houses in Europe. She traveled and looked for ancient village castles or houses throughout Europe, making sketches and already making a unique copy of them from clay.

So this hobby turned into a job that Irena really likes. Now Irena's collection contains more than 150 ceramic models of all kinds of houses and architectural buildings in Europe.

Surprisingly, Irena brought the zest of the master into her works. And her works are not just similar copies of beautiful historic houses, but also decorate your home. Such a house can be illuminated from the inside with a candle, which gives romance in the dark. And also such a house can be used as an aroma lamp. And from the small chimney of the house there will be smoke and a pleasant smell that you love. Irena's works are very beautiful and the delicate work of the master is visible to the naked eye. Such a house will decorate your evening with tranquility and fragrance.

See handcrafted ceramics by artisans from around the world.

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