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Jade bracelets. Why they should be worn

Since ancient times people have tried to embellish themselves somehow, to stand out from the mass of their kind. So they came up with fashion in clothing and lifestyle.

All kinds of jewelry and accessories. In this way people tried and are trying to show their status in society or a certain attitude to this or that community.

Thus appeared all kinds of accessories that could emphasize the peculiarity of the person. So for example a beret on the head and brushes in the hands of a person could show that he belongs to the creative community and is most likely an artist.

Thus came into vogue bracelets on the arm. Exactly as an accessory, not a piece of jewelry. History shows that at different times, the bracelet (a handmade bracelet made of fabric, thread or leather) became insanely popular and carried more of a semantic message than status.

The big explosion or dawn of popularity of bracelets, of course, can be considered with the arrival and emergence in America of the hippie movement in the 1960s.

It was the hippie braid on the arm of each hippie that signified a person's interests and musical preferences. In the hippie community, everyone could understand from the bracelet on the arm what kind of person in front of him. So the bracelets made by the hippies themselves became the epitome of freedom and independence. The bracelets spread beyond the hippie community. People liked the bracelets so much, that even ordinary people began to wear bracelets handmade. This is how the fashion of bracelets as an accessory was born.

Handmade bracelets. This is roughly what hippie bracelets looked like.

Craftsmen and artisans picked up the idea and began to make bracelets are more beautiful and carry a different energy.

So there were medicinal bracelets, bracelets with stones and according to Eastern beliefs, each stone carries a certain energy.

And today masters make such bracelets, thanks to which a person can feel better, or good luck will come to him suddenly, not fortuitously. It is difficult somehow to analyze and explain, but this occurs quite often and with many people around the world. Facts can be found on the Internet. Such bracelets with stones are more considered as a talisman for health and happiness, rather than jewelry.

Bracelet made of red thread, jade and gold beads.

According to Chinese beliefs, if you wear bracelets with a stone jade, then you will have peace of mind, and jade will protect against the negative influences of all kinds of dark forces.

Just jade carries and health functions for human health. Jade helps with insomnia and nightmares. Massage with jade helps with sprains and joint pain.

So wearing such a jade bracelet is very useful and quite beautiful.

Choosing a jade bracelet

We wish you good health and good spirits.

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