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Interesting facts and references to the first Russian samovar

Drinking a cup of delicious aromatic tea while having a bite of sweets on a warm summer evening on the veranda of a country house, in the circle of loved ones, is the best moment.

Tea and tea drinking have taken root in Russia so much that it’s hard to imagine today if Vasily Starkov didn’t bring these dried leaves to Russia by exchanging 64 kg of dried grass for furs. In 1638, Ambassador Starkov introduced this herb to Sovereign Mikhail Fedorovich (the first tsar from the Romanov dynasty). He was terribly annoyed by the unprofitable deal of the ambassador and the West Mongolian Altyn Khan.

But after the first tasting, the sovereign and his associates appreciated the aroma and taste of the drink. And thanks to the fact that tea really became a pleasant novelty for Mikhail Fedorovich, the Russian ambassador Starkov was left with his head on his shoulders.

So tea began to take root in Russia. After a short period of time, tea was delivered to Russia regularly.

The first official mention of the samovar appeared more than 60 years after tasting the first tea tasting. In 1701, according to one version, it is claimed that the samovar appeared in the workshops of the Urals, and not Tula at all.

One of the first masters mentioned Tula craftsman and blacksmith Demidov.

Having gone with the masters to the Urals, there he began to make the first Russian samovars.

Russian folk tradition, tea party

According to another version, in general, the samovar originates in 1778 in Tula, the Lisitsin brothers began their work on the manufacture of the first samovar.

According to another version, it is believed that the samovar brought Peter1 from the Netherlands to Russia as a wonderful and outlandish invention.

It is difficult, of course, to find out the exact version and date, but it is important that the Russian samovar has remained to this day is considered a public treasure and history.

In those days, the production of samovars so spread throughout Russia that the manufacture of a samovar was considered a prestigious work, which was paid very expensive.

A lot of people, craftsmen, blacksmiths were involved in the manufacture of the samovar. Each one did his specific job, then all the manufactured parts were transported to workshops, where samovars were already assembled from them.

It was a very profitable business and every respecting master tried to make a samovar. And it came to the point that the masters decided to brand their samovars to find who made the samovar. So in Russia we can say there was a "quality mark". Now people buying a samovar at the fair could know which master made it.

In general, the samovar was once considered an indicator of wealth in the family. The larger and heavier the samovar, the more expensive it is and the richer the family with such a large samovar was considered.

Be sure to have a samovar in every family. Not a single holiday passed without him and tea. People invited neighbors to tea with bagels, thereby for one and showed their prosperity. So the samovar and tea party became a national tradition. Today, the samovar remains one of the most popular antiquities. Over the past years, collectors have become very interested in people and simply in old Russian samovars. Thus reminding ourselves of our history.

Choose an antique Russian samovar.

Even today it is very pleasant to sit at a table in a circle of relatives and drink a cup of tea from such an old samovar.

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All good summer mood, health and good!

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