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Innovations in author's clothing for this autumn especially for women

We can already safely say that autumn has entered its full rights and it is noticeable by the beautiful appearance of the trees, riot of leaf colors and rainy and cloudy weather. Autumn is beautiful in its own right at this time, in October. In the middle belt of Russia is not so cool and there are even sunny days. Sometimes there is a feeling that summer just does not want to leave and tries to please us with a little more good weather and sunshine. This is very nice.

With the arrival of autumn, there is a new wave in the fashion world. Designers want to present their new collections, which were prepared for a long time especially for this time. This happens not only in high fashion, but almost everywhere associated with clothing and its production. These are private designers, who have not yet managed to conquer the big fashion world, but are very eager to do so. Clothing manufacturers and ordinary masters who try and live this business.

White autumn coat with a handmade hood of the masters from Bulgaria

And today we will talk about one small company, where I work two clothing designers and two tailors, which turn the idea into uniquely beautiful things.

This workshop is located in Bulgaria in the city of Sofia. Bulgaria has long been famous and firmly established itself in the world of big fashion. This country is famous for its clothing designers all over the world and the ability to bring innovation and charm to fashion.

So these people have been imbued with fashion since childhood, and when it became possible to create a workshop for the production of author's women's clothing.

Designers Slaven and Rusan were friends from childhood and dreamed that they would be famous designers and conquer the whole world with their projects. So they created their own workshop, where they invented their amazing and not similar to other clothes. They invited sewing masters and the work was in full swing. The girls spent all their time on their projects and it was all not in vain. Four years later, Italian fashion designers paid attention to them at an exhibition in the Czech Republic and offered a contract thanks to which they could be recognized in Italy and abroad. Girls work and are not going to slow down, they almost every season produce a new collection of clothes. Bringing to it their own vision and style. And by this autumn, the girls have prepared a unique author's collection of women's clothing.

Autumn warm female jacket Bulgarian masters

These are autumn coats and capes made of natural fabrics. All this looks very harmonious and stylish on a woman. If you want something unusual in clothes, something that you will not buy in an ordinary store. Such things from the collection of masters, you will be interested and maybe even want to buy them.

Be happy with the occasion and without. Buy new beautiful things. Change your style. Surprise others and enjoy life!

Have a good mood, everyone!

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