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In Russia, choosing t-shirts for yourself is dangerous. For her they can put

Today in Russia it is a very difficult and difficult time, although it has never been so good and calm. So that people live in joy. They raised children and did not think about the future with caution. Russian man is patient and calm. But there comes a time when it becomes unbearable to endure. Tolerate injustice and disrespect, lawlessness and theft. The Russian man is tired of listening to outright lies, and when moments of pressure come from the top, patience breaks.

Such a t-shirt is gaining great popularity in Russia

In Russia since 04.07. 20 years began a new milestone in the country. You can say in simple language "NEW RUSSIA" in which there is no place for ordinary people. Now, let it be too late, but people are beginning to wake up and understand what happened and what awaits them tomorrow. Events are already unfolding at lightning speed. Journalists and governors, activists of liberal movements are being arrested. This happens without explanation. Talking about democracy and “freedom of speech” in Russia no longer makes sense. This is just not there. But people begin to wake up and go out in defense of those arrested. Today, such people who came out in support of the arrested person can be called brave. After all, today you can be arrested only because the inscription on the T-shirt is not the same. This happens all the time. More recently, we were surprised that in Europe it is possible to get a large fine or correctional labor for 15 days for a portrait of our leader or a "hammer and sickle". And now for a T-shirt you can seriously suffer from us.

Of course, it was a T-shirt that at one time became the mouthpiece of people's opinions. So back in the 70s of the twentieth century, people showed their opinions without explaining anything to anyone. Everything was clear from the inscription or drawing on the T-shirt. This continues to this day. Today it has become super relevant. You meet a person in a T-shirt with a simple “red X” sign and you understand what a person wants to show.

It is T-shirts that become the silent weapon in the struggle for the ideas and truth of people.

It is a T-shirt today that can accurately convey what the people want.

And any T-shirt will be stronger than any signatures that are collected by people and then thrown out before reaching the addressee. It is a T-shirt that can become a powerful weapon in order to be heard and paid attention to those whom people turn to. The main thing together and all. The first step has been taken. Khabarovsk is the first city that has expressed its dissatisfaction with what is happening. Massively and on one front, he showed everyone that the voice of the people has not yet been canceled. And it showed that everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion.

And everything else, only for us!

All good summer mood, health and good!

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