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How to choose and beautifully decorate a Christmas tree

All people, children and adults love New Year and Christmas holidays. It is a good opportunity to spend time with the family. To say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year with joy.

New Year's Eve, a kind of new page in life. As we celebrate the New Year, we turn over the old page, leaving everything in the old year and start everything new.

At the end of the year, it is customary to take stock. People remember what was good and what was bad during the year and come up with a final verdict. If we summarize the year 2020 without going into detail, we can say that it was a very difficult, complex and arduous year. I do not want to list everything. Many people, not only in Russia, but all over the world, must have felt it.

Well, let's not talk about sad things, but talk about good and fun.

Very much I want to believe that everything will remain in the old 2020.

Already many people are preparing for the New Year in full swing. On the streets of cities appear Christmas tree vendors and the smell of them give the New Year's mood.

The most important attribute of the holiday tree. Without a tree, the New Year will not feel like a holiday, where there are presents under the tree and Santa Claus congratulates everyone on TV 5 minutes before the chimes.

Decorating the Christmas tree, it's an art form. An improperly or tastelessly decorated Christmas tree will cause confusion and laughter among the guests.

Even a cat is surprised and very upset when the tree is decorated badly!

Unfortunately, such unsuccessful Christmas trees become the hits of tastelessness and all sorts of ridicule.

To avoid this happening to you, it's worth decorating your Christmas tree with the best tools.

Don't skimp on the tree itself. A live tree will be a wonderful addition to your home. If you decide on a live tree, make sure it's as big and straight as possible. Examine it as best you can. Sellers may cheat and pre-package it in netting. Ask the seller to unpack it and show it off. It may be that it looks nice and lush in the net, but when you take it out of the package it crumbles or there are only 3-4 fluffy branches on the trunk. Look and touch the needles, if they are crumbling, don't buy it. In the warmth when you install it at home, it will crumble completely in a very short time. A beautiful live Christmas tree, even if it is not decorated, already gives the house a holiday and a feeling of celebration.

Choosing a Christmas tree is an important process that must be taken responsibly.

The pleasant smell of the forest will be around for a long time if the tree is cared for and maintained.

With a live Christmas tree a lot of trouble, care, installation, and the most unpleasant thing is the fallen needles, which will fall off anyway. In all other respects, it's much better than an artificial tree. If you have kids, it's still worth buying a live tree to please the kids.

Care for a living Christmas tree is simple. Do not immediately take a live tree bought a home. From a sudden drop in temperature will go crumbling needles. Leave for about 30 minutes in a cool place so that the tree to adapt, it can be a balcony or a cool place in the house. How the tree has stood in a cool place is to shake it to crumble all the needles, and then you can install it.

It is best to put a live Christmas tree in a container with water and sand. This way the tree will absorb the water and will not dry out, and therefore longer will hold the needles.

To make the tree stand and give the smell for a long time is worth to feed it.

Add to a container, where the tree is a pill of aspirin, a pinch of table salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Aspirin plays the role of antiseptic, not allowing the development of putrefactive bacteria, and salt and sugar serve as food for the living Christmas tree.

You can add glycerin, also gives the tree nutrition and doubles its life.

Once you have placed the tree in its place of honor, you should start decorating it.

This is a very fine line here, of course there is the almighty Internet and you can find many pictures of beautifully decorated trees and take something from there.

But, it always turns out quite different from the picture, and sometimes just awful. From the Internet, you can take an idea and implement it to your abilities.

It is not necessary to clutter up the Christmas tree with toys. This is not very nice and the Christmas tree just spoils the view. Toys should be about the same subjects. Well, for example, the same balls of different colors or toys in a rustic style. Placement of the toys themselves are also very important. It is how the toys are placed on the tree and gives the overall appearance and beauty of the tree.

Properly and beautifully decorate the Christmas tree - a whole art.

Here you need to visualize how you would like to place the toys. Will it be a spiral rising to the top or in staggered order. All of these needs to be imagined and drawn in your head and then implemented. And in the end, you can place beautiful garlands and some tinsel.

And now your Christmas tree is ready to celebrate with you the New Year 2021.

It will last a long time and will make you happy and give a nice smell!

Have a nice New Year's mood everyone!

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