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History of the most famous Russian toy

A toy is the most pleasant object in the world, every child in the whole world knows it. Every adult warmly recalls his childhood and surely can remember his favorite toy. It is toys that give children joy and happiness in addition to parental love. All countries have their own popular toys, which are very popular with children and their popularity is known throughout the world.

Children should be happy and toys and games help them to be happy.

So for example, in Germany are still very popular beautiful dolls and all kinds of dolls. They are so high quality and realistically made, that German dolls are known throughout the world. And if you go around the countries can find one or two toys that will be known throughout the world. And Russia is no exception.

The most popular and recognized not only in Russia and around the world, you can safely call the doll "Matryoshka. This toy became the embodiment of Russia. The history of this toy goes back to the 19th century.

At the end of the 1890s, at the height of the popularity of the so-called "Russian style", the first matryoshkas began to appear.

The parent or master, who made the first matryoshka according to some sources can be considered as Sergei Malyutin.

He had found a doll similar to a matryoshka and he made a doll out of wood, inside of which there were 7 more figures. The largest figure was painted as a girl in a scarf. And since the female name "Matryona" was popular at that time, the doll got its name "Matryoshka".

Matryoshka doll with the subjects of Russian fairy tales. handmade by Russian craftsmen

Literally in a few years matryoshka became so popular, that today it would be the envy of the most popular blogger.

And already in 1900, matryoshka doll went to Paris to an exhibition, where she caused an indescribable delight.

After Paris, matryoshka has only improved and modernized. Thanks to her, other figures began to appear hollow inside. Such as Easter eggs and figures of famous people of that time.

Basically, the material for making matryoshka used lime tree. It was very pliable and did not give big cracks when drying.

And by 1915 matryoshka had toured almost all over the world. All the most famous exhibitions around the world could not do without this Russian doll.

There are versions that even then began to make copies of matryoshkas and sell them in Leipzig, which were made in Japan. The difference from the original was that the copies were not covered with lacquer.

Meanwhile all over Russia already made matryoshkas. It grew into a craft and creativity. Matryoshka doll became the complete embodiment of Russia and received worldwide recognition.

Today matryoshka is as popular as it was in the 19th century. Masters still make and hand-paint the most famous and popular toy.

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To all good mood and good luck!

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