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Amazing country Bulgaria and its unusual inhabitants

What kind of associations does Bulgaria have with a person from Russia, and with any person who has ever heard of this country or knows something about it?

A Russian person has a warm and cordial connection with Bulgaria. Back in Soviet times, this country was in the socialist camp and a partner of the USSR.

And the friendship of the socialist camp peoples was strong and strong. It was possible to have a rest in Bulgaria by connections, and Bulgarians came to the USSR on excursions and on experience exchange.

Bulgaria - capital Sofia

So for a Soviet man, Bulgaria was a brotherly country and a place of rest for influential party figures.

Until 1990, almost no one knew about Bulgaria, both in Europe and the United States. Only after the collapse of the socialist camp and Bulgaria's withdrawal from all agreements with the USSR, Bulgaria gained its freedom and independence. It was only in 2007 that Bulgaria joined the European Union.

Having gone through all the difficulties and difficulties, Bulgaria was able to transform itself and find its way.

By making efforts the country managed to become one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. Advertising its resorts around the world, the country was able to find its fans of recreation around the world.

In Bulgaria, the resorts are visited by a large number of tourists every year. And everyone is satisfied with both recreation and prices. Recently, prices began to rise because of the greater popularity of the country. But the coronavirus has made its own changes, and prices went down. This can be seen in the rental prices of real estate and hotels.

Statue in Sofia

The most famous resorts in Bulgaria, of course, are the resorts of Burgas, Sofia, Bansko, and a lot of things this country has to offer for recreation.

But in addition to the beautiful warm sea, the sun in Bulgaria, you can also have a great time skiing resorts, it is just Bansko. Snow lovers can have a great vacation there.

Ski Resort in Bulgaria (Bansko)

The Bulgarians themselves are very hospitable and hardworking people. Almost every inhabitant of this country is connected with needlework or handicraft. Creativity and handicrafts are in the Bulgarians' blood.

That is why this country is considered the best supplier of handicraft products to European countries. Also, these unique products can be purchased in Russia in small batches.

Bulgarians prefer to work with fabrics and ceramics, wooden products are very popular. Yes, almost everything in Bulgaria is done by handicraftsmen and sold perfectly to rich tourists from other countries, who came to relax and leave a little money here.

Today, travel, of course, has become more complicated, but maybe soon everything will get better and everything will come back as it used to be.

The Bulgarians also sing and dance beautifully, national dances and songs are just one pleasure for eyes and ears. In any resort, you will definitely meet the musicians and have a great time, having fun with songs and dances.

We hope that soon this cursed coronavirus will pass and we can all travel around the world again and enjoy the beauty of our ball.

Have a good mood and have a great rest!

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